Occupancy Agreement

Know More about Our Facility

Cost Per Diem is $35.90 Per Day

What is included in the per diem are as follows:

  • Food and shelter
  • All utilities
  • Basic Cable and telephone (no long-distance)
  • Psychosocial Intake
  • Daily Group therapy
  • One on One counseling (by appointment only)
  • 12 Step program
  • In House Physician
  • 24-hour monitoring by on Site Manager
  • Random Drug Testing

Residents are required to read the Client Hand Book, which outlines our rules and regulations, Complaint process, meal times, curfew, your rights as a resident, etc. You are required to sign the Hand Book after you have read it.

New Vision Society


In most instances, you will be sharing the room with another resident. We have an open-door design as there are no locks on any room doors, as per fire safety regulations. You will be assigned a single bed with a frame, bed sheets, pillow, and quilt, a dresser and closet space to hang your jackets and store your shoes. We have central storage for your valuables, and a locker will be assigned to you. As and when you move out or get discharged, your belongings will only be stored for two weeks, after which it will be donated to the local thrift store.

Please note curfew is at 10 pm daily unless a court order indicates an earlier time. All doors will be locked at 10 pm.  There will be no entry after hours unless permission is granted by your Bail or Probation Officer in writing.

It is the resident’s responsibility to inform us of any food allergies, and we will make the necessary precautions to keep you informed of all the food items you need to stay away from. Alternative food items will be purchased for you. Please note we do not cater to Kosher Food or special diabetic meals. Weekly menus are posted in the kitchen for your information.

We do not provide bus passes, and most services are within walking distance. Please ask Site Manager for directions. If you are on House Arrest or on Full Restrictions, New Vision will take you to your appointments in the minivan. Appointments which include Bail / Probation appointments, doctor/dentist appointment in Surrey, and court appointments.